Tally Synchronization

Tally synchronization is one of the powerful tool to connect multiple locations. With the help of this tool, we can get the real time results of our transactions in multiple locations.

Principle of Synchronization in Tally:

Tally allows all masters to register an operation to be moved with the transaction. These include Ledgers, Groups, Inventory Items, Measurement Units, Currencies, and much more. This actually activates the synchronization with a single click and without error. After the first instance of synchronization, changes to the source processes are reflected in subsequent synchronizations.

The Server Company maintains the Create Identity (CID) and Alteration Identity (AID) values of the Company’s Client in the Server. Similarly, the Client Company maintains the CID and AID values of the Server Company in Customer Code.

At the beginning of the synchronization process, the Client sends the previous CID and AID values of the Server as per Rule according to the Server and checks whether the Server, CID and AID are latest according to the data.

The server will return with all vouchers that are larger than the incoming Rule value of CID / AID. These vouchers will be transferred to the Customer. This will complete the synchronization and all the data of the Client will be updated on the Server and vice versa.